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This Manual addresses document examination procedures in the Land Titles Office, and is primarily intended to provide assistance to Government of Alberta employees working in that area. It does not purport to be a guide as to the substantive law in respect to any of the topics covered nor is it a substitute for legal research. The Government of Alberta makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy of any of the material set out in the Manual. In the event of any discrepancy between what is set out in the Manual and what is set out in an enactment, the enactment will of course prevail.

Any suggestions for corrections, additions and deletions to the material set out in the Manual are welcomed and should be sent to:

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Copyright of this Manual belongs to the Province of Alberta. No person may reproduce, in any format or media, any portion of this Manual (except the forms set out therein) for any purpose other than personal use without the express written authorization of the Registrar, Land Titles Office.

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