Ministers' Office Expenses

On March 1, 2007, the Government of Alberta announced that Ministers’ Offices expenses would be posted online beginning with April 2007 expenses. The expenses include those of ministers, their executive assistants and their administrative support staff. They cover:

  • meals, accommodation and travel;
  • hospitality and working sessions;
  • goods, supplies and services, and other expenses.

Each month's expenses are posted by the end of the following month.

For the Ministry of: Office of the Premier
For the Month of: March 2016
Current Monthly Expenses Expenses Fiscal Year to Date
Meals, accommodation, and travel     $30,628.72     $97,384.97
Hospitality and working sessions     $8,074.54     $12,538.81
Goods, supplies and services, and other expenses     $33,452.64     $229,424.86
Totals     $72,155.90     $339,348.64

In March, $15,321.83 was also paid by Economic Development and Trade for expenses for the Office of the Premier related to the Council of the Federation meeting in Quebec, Premier's Mission to Montreal, New York and Toronto, the Premier's Mission to Toronto, and the United Nations 21st Conference of the Parties in Paris.

In March $16,654.87 was transferred to Intergovernmental Relations for expenses for the Office of the Premier for the First Minister and Council of Federation Meetings in Vancouver, Premier's Mission to Ottawa, meeting with Premier Selinger and meeting with Premier Wynne.

Meals, Accommodation & Travel
Amounts paid for expenses such as meals, air fare, taxis, parking, mileage, hotels and other accommodations incurred by the Minister and/or their office staff while traveling on government business. International travel is also reported separately by trip and available on each Ministry's website. International travel is reported here:

Hospitality and Working Sessions
Amounts paid by the Minister and/or their office staff related to hospitality or working sessions.

Goods, Supplies & Services and Other Expenses
Amounts paid to support the administration and operations of the Minister's office including general office supplies and services.

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