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Find information on government spending on goods, services and construction.

The procurement of goods and construction has been assigned to certain government departments. This allows for:

  • greater buying power 
  • reduced duplication 
  • improved efficiency
  • development of subject matter experts 
  • standardization of tools and processes

Procurement of Services is performed by each ministry to provide flexibility to meet the unique needs of the programs and services they deliver to Albertans. 

Here is a 5-year average of government spending:

Category Average Spend Authority & Accountability
Goods $575 Million Service Alberta (low value goods delegated to ministries)
Services $1.685 Billion Ministries are responsible for their own service requirements
Construction $2.502 Billion Infrastructure and Transportation

The outcomes of any procurement of goods, services or construction are to:

  • meet business needs and objectives for each Ministry
  • ensure equal and fair access to government procurements is provided to qualified vendors, suppliers and contractors
  • demonstrate best value to the government for each procurement
  • produce appropriate documentation
  • meet legislative, policy, and trade agreement requirements

What’s important to know

The Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC) is an easy to use tool that lets public and private sector users manage, advertise, distribute, and download public purchasing opportunities for goods, services, and construction in Alberta. With APC, purchasers advertise opportunities for tender and vendors find opportunities to sell their products or services.

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