Revive a Legal Entity

Revive a Legal Entity

Reviving an Alberta corporation or an Alberta society requires submission of information for the Articles of Revival or the Articles of Revival of a Society.  

Reviving a non-profit company usually requires a court order. The Companies Act must be consulted for specifics.

When an extra-provincial corporation has cancelled its registration Alberta, it may reinstate the registration by supplying information for the Application to Reinstate Extra-Provincial Corporation.

Inactive business names under the Partnership Act cannot be reactivated.  Instead, you must register a new trade name, partnership, limited partnership, or limited liability partnership.

Certain Alberta service provider firms are authorized to revive your Alberta corporation or reinstate your extra-provincial corporation.  Society revivals and non-profit company restorations must be sent to the Corporate Registry office.

Revival Time Limits

As of September 1, 2013, there will be time limits for revivals.  Alberta corporations, societies, and non-profit companies will not be revived if the organization has been dissolved for five or more years.

Revival time limits have been established because the property of dissolved corporations, societies, and non-profit companies becomes owned by the Government of Alberta.  The property vests in the Crown.  Learn more about unclaimed personal property and vested property here.