Acts and Legislation

Acts and Legislation

Alberta LegislatureBelow is a brief description of each Act administered by Service Alberta and links to the text version of the Acts and Regulations. Copies of Alberta Acts, Regulations and government publications can be ordered from the Queen's Printer Bookstore.


An Act to End Predatory Lending c.E-9.5

Agricultural and Recreational Land Ownership Act c.A-9

Designed to prevent non-Canadians from buying significant amounts of prime agricultural and recreational land. However, the Act does not discourage non-Canadian investors who wish to come to Alberta to invest in or to build new manufacturing plants, processing operations, recreational developments or home subdivisions, or to expand existing developments.

Foreign Ownership of Land Regulations - AR 160/79 

Builders' Lien Act c.B-7

Provides a mechanism for individuals and businesses who perform work on, or supply material for the improvement of real property to file a lien against such property in order to collect accounts that are due and owing.

Builders' Lien Forms Regulation - AR 51/2002

Business Corporations Act c.B-9

Provides a mechanism for businesses to incorporate, change a corporate name, file amendments to its articles, amalgamate, dissolve, file annual returns, and list directors and shareholders of a company.

Business Corporations Regulation - AR 118/2000 

Cemeteries Act c.C-3

Regulates the disposition of human remains; ensures cemeteries meet requirements of local authorities, and protects consumers who invest in pre-need cemetery supplies and services, and ensures there are perpetual care funds for long-term care of commercial cemeteries.

Commercial Cemeteries Regulation - AR 247/98

Crematories Designation Regulation - AR 11/2002

Crematory Regulation - AR 248/98

Cemeteries Exemption Regulation - AR 236/98

General Regulation - AR 249/98

Cemetery Companies Act c.C-4

Provides authority for seven or more people to form a company for the purpose of establishing one or more public cemeteries as well as establishing the method of forming a cemetery company and the operating rules. This Act only exists to govern existing cemetery companies. Establishment of new cemeteries is now governed by the Cemeteries Act, which restricts the establishment of new cemeteries to religious organizations and municipalities.

Cemetery Companies Regulation - AR 264/99

Charitable Fund-raising Act c.C-9

Sets standards for charitable organizations and professional fund-raisers when soliciting contributions and helps protect the public from fraudulent, misleading or confusing solicitations. Ensures that members of the public have sufficient information to make informed decisions when making charitable donations.

Charitable Fund-raising Regulation - AR 108/2000

Common Business Number Act 

Establishes the legislative authority for Alberta to adopt the Canada Revenue Agency Business Number as the province's common business numbering system for government programs and services.

Companies Act c.C-21

Allows companies with objectives other than the acquisition of gain to incorporate.

Companies Regulation - AR 119/2000

Condominium Property Act c.C-22  

Provides the legislative framework for the creation and operation of any form of condominium, including residential and commercial. This Act applies to anyone who develops, owns, or manages condominium property.

Condominium Property Regulation - AR 168/2000

Cooperatives Act c.C-28.1

Repeals and replaces the Co-operative Associations Act to meet the needs of the cooperative sector in general, provide for specialized cooperatives, including new generation cooperatives, and harmonize Alberta’s legislation with federal and provincial cooperatives legislation.

Cooperatives Regulation - AR 55/2002

Debtors' Assistance Act c.D-6 

Establishes a Debtors' Assistance Board with powers to provide service, advice and non-financial assistance to debtors who are unable to meet their liabilities.

Debtors' Assistance Regulation - AR 200/2001

Dower Act c.D-15

Grants a married person rights with respect to the disposition of the homestead. This includes the right of the surviving spouse to a life estate in the homestead as well as the personal property of the deceased married person.

Forms Regulation - AR 39/2000

Electronic Transactions Act c.E-5.5

Removes barriers to electronic commerce by ensuring that electronic records and transactions have the same validity and enforceability as traditional paper-based transactions.

Electronic Transactions Act Designation Regulation - AR 35/2003

Electronic Transactions Act General Regulation - AR 34/2003

Fair Trading Act c.F-2

Enhances consumer protection through remedies, enforcement tools, and tougher penalties intended to discourage unfair practices in the marketplace. The Act simplifies procedures for business, providing clearer standards to ensure a more level playing field.

Administrative Penalties Regulation - AR 135/2013

Appeal Board Regulation - AR 195/99

Automotive Business Regulation - AR 192/99

Collection and Debt Repayment Practices Regulation - AR 194/99

Consumer Transaction Cancellation and Recovery Notice Regulation - AR 287/2006 

Cost of Credit Disclosure Regulation - AR 198/99

Credit and Personal Reports Regulation - AR 193/99

Designation of Trades and Businesses Regulation - AR 178/99

Direct Sales Cancellation and Exemption Regulation - AR 191/99 

Direct Selling Business Licensing Regulation - AR 190/99

Employment Agency Business Licensing Regulation - AR 45/2012

Energy Marketing and Residential Heat Sub-metering Regulation  - AR 246/2005

Exemption Regulation - AR 188/99

General Licensing and Security Regulation - AR 187/99

Gift Card Regulation - AR 146/08

Home Inspection Business Regulation – AR 75/2011

Internet Sales Contract Regulation - AR 81/2001

Payday Loans Regulation - AR 157/2009

Prepaid Contracting Business Licensing Regulation - AR 185/99

Public Auctions Regulation - AR 196/99

Retail Home Sales Business Licensing Regulation - AR 197/99

Time Share and Points-based Contracts and Business Regulation - AR 105/2010 

Franchises Act c.F-23

Governs the trading of franchises in Alberta ensuring that a prospective purchaser has the necessary information to make an informed investment decision and the civil remedies to deal with breaches of the Act. Provides a means by which franchisors and franchisees will be able to govern themselves and promote fair dealing among themselves.

Franchises Act Exemption Regulation - AR 312/2000

Franchises Regulation - AR 240/95 

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act c.F-25 

Sets out the parameters for obtaining access to records of public bodies, including exceptions to disclosure, third party intervention rights, and protection of public health and safety. Also sets out the parameters for the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information and defines the powers of the Information and Privacy Commissioner and the process for handling complaints.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Regulation - AR 186/2008 

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (Ministerial) Regulation - AR 56/2009

Funeral Services Act c.F-29

Regulates the activities of the funeral industry and allows for the creation of the Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory Board to administer the Act.

Exemption Regulation - AR 233/98

General Regulation - AR 226/98

Garage Keepers' Lien Act c.G-2

Allows a garage keeper to register in the Personal Property Registry a lien against an owner's vehicle to enforce an unpaid debt for repairs, parts, or storage.

Garage Keepers' Form Regulation - AR 259/2002

Government Organization Act c.G-10 - Schedule 11, s. 1, 4, 5, 11 and 12 s/w Infrastructure and Transportation

Provides the legal authority for Crown property and provides the Minister the authority to sell or otherwise dispose of any improvements that are severed or severable from land held by the Crown and under the Minister’s administration.

Government Organization Act c.G-10 - Schedule 11, s. 2, 3, and 14

Provides the Minister the authority to approve the ordering method for departments to purchase supplies and develop and implement policies, services and administration procedures in matters pertaining to the disposition of surplus supplies. Also, provides that the Lieutenant Governor in Council may make regulations respecting management of departmental records, the establishment of programs for any matter involving the management of records, and defining and classifying records.

Direct Purchase Regulation - AR 210/98

Records Management Regulation - AR 224/2001

Government Organization Act c.G-10 - Schedule 12

Establishes a division of the government known as Alberta Registries and sets out the statutory functions of that division.

Corporate Registry Document Handling Procedures Regulation - AR 10/2002

Identification Card Regulation - AR 221/2003

Registry Service Charges Regulation - AR 183/2005

Registry Services (Non-Payment of Fees) Regulation - AR 28/98

Personal Property Registry Accreditation and Document Handling Regulation - AR 235/2007

Government Organization Act c.G-10 - Schedule 13 

Provides the Minister with authority to develop and implement policies, programs, services and administration procedures in matters pertaining to consumer protection.

Government Organization Act c.G-10 - Schedule 13.1 

Establishes the Office of the Utilities Consumer Advocate as part of the department to represent the interests of Albertans relating to electricity and natural gas before the Alberta Utilities Commission and other bodies.  It also informs and educates consumers about electricity and natural gas issues.

Utilities Consumer Advocate Regulation  - AR 190/2014

Land Titles Act c.L-4

Details the mechanism for, and legal effects of registration of land-related documents and establishes priorities between them. The Government guarantees the title and compensates people who have been deprived of an interest in land (e.g. by error of the Registrar or fraud).

Forms Regulation - AR 480/81

Metric Conversion Regulation - AR 22/2000

Name Search Regulation - AR 207/99

Proof of Identity Regulation - AR 174/2008

Tariff of Fees Regulation - AR 120/2000

Law of Property Act c.L-7

Provides legal principles in regard to property rights which are the subject of instruments such as contracts, conveyances, and mortgages.

Law of Property Regulation - AR 89/2004

Marriage Act c.M-5

Provides the legal authority to perform marriages (both religious and civil) as well as the legal requirements for the issuance of marriage licenses and certificates.

Marriage Act Regulation - AR 162/2000

Mobile Home Sites Tenancies Act c.M-20

Deals with landlord and tenant issues relating to mobile home sites in Alberta, setting minimum standards of conduct for both landlords and tenants.

Mobile Home Sites Tenancies Ministerial Regulation - AR 54/96
Security Deposit Interest Rate Regulation - AR 190/2004

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Act, c.M-22 s.2 & 3

Provides that the owner of every motor vehicle shall in each year pay a fee in respect to that motor vehicle in the amount prescribed by regulation before the vehicle can be registered.

Partnership Act c.P-3

Provides legal authority for persons to associate in partnerships, and provides rules governing their activities. It also provides for the filing of trade names.

Partnership Regulation - AR 105/2009

Personal Information Protection Act c.P-6.5

Establishes clear, concise rules governing private sector organizations when collecting, using and disclosing personal information.

Personal Information Protection Act Regulation - AR 366/2003

Personal Property Security Act c.P-7 (except Part 5)

Provides the legal mechanism for all registrations and searches in the Personal Property Registry including registrations authorized under other Acts. It also regulates the relationship between secured parties and debtors when personal property is used as collateral to secure payment of a debt or performance of an obligation.

Personal Property Security Forms Regulation - AR 231/2002 

Personal Property Security Regulation - AR 95/2001

Possessory Liens Act c.P-19

Provides the legal authority for a person to have a lien for the payment of a debt on a chattel on which the person has expended money, labour, or skill; the keeper of a wharf to have a lien on a chattel entrusted to their keeping; and a bailee to have a lien where a chattel that has been bailed to the bailee by the owner for any charges that are due to the bailee under the terms of a contract.

Queen's Printer Act c.Q-2

Enabling legislation that authorizes the publication of the Alberta Gazette to provide notice of proclamations; Orders-in-Council; official notices; and advertisements and documents relating to matters within control of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. The Queen’s Printer prints and publishes the Statutes of Alberta and appoints a Queen’s Printer for the Province of Alberta.

Queen's Printer Regulations - AR 44/70

Real Estate Act c.R-5

Provides for the creation of a Real Estate Council to set and enforce standards of conduct.

Real Estate Exemption Regulation - AR 111/96

Real Estate (Ministerial) Regulation - AR 113/96 

Religious Societies' Land Act c.R-15

Establishes a mechanism by which a religious society or congregation may hold land. It also ensures dealings with the land held by a religious society are done in accordance with the wishes of the congregation or religious society.

Religious Societies' Land Regulation - AR 169/2000 

Residential Tenancies Act c.R-17.1  October 2004

Provides a framework for landlord and tenant relations in Alberta, setting minimum standards of conduct for both landlords and tenants.

Residential Tenancies Exemption Regulation - AR 189/2004 

Residential Tenancies Ministerial Regulation - AR 211/2004 

Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service Regulation - AR 98/2006 

Security Deposit Interest Rate Regulation - AR 190/2004 

Subsidized Public Housing Regulation - AR 191/2004 

Termination of Tenancy (Domestic Violence) Regulation - 130/2016

Societies Act c.S-14

Provides legal authority for a society to incorporate for a non-profit purpose and file by-laws for governance of the society.

Societies Regulation - AR 122/2000

Surveys Act c. S-26 s. 5(1)(d) & (2)(b) - s/w Sustainable Resource Development

Coordinates the establishment and maintenance of a land-related information system network, a mapping system, and a cartographic service.

Traffic Safety Act c. T-6  s.2(1), 8, and 64(a)(d)(f)(g)(m)(s)and (u)(i) to (iv) - s/w Transportation

Providing rules for the registration and operation of motor vehicles, as well as other matters, this Act came into force in May, 2003, replacing the Highway Traffic Act, Motor Vehicle Administration Act, Motor Transport Act and Off-Highway Vehicle Act. It is a consolidated approach to road safety providing clarity for all road users.

Access to Motor Vehicle Information Regulation - AR 140/2003

Off-Highway Vehicle Regulation - AR 319/2002 

Operator Licensing and Vehicle Control Regulation - AR 320/2002

Vehicle Seizure & Removal Regulation - AR 251/2006

Vital Statistics Act c.V-4

Provides for the legal registration of all Alberta births, stillbirths, deaths, marriages, adoptions, and change of name. Also provides for alterations and corrections to the records, issuance of burial permits, certificates, copies, searches of records and compilation of a statistical report.

Vital Statistics Information Regulation - AR 3/2012

Vital Statistics Ministerial Regulation - AR12/2012

Warehousemen's Lien Act c.W-2

Establishes a mechanism for any person lawfully engaged in the business of storing goods as a bailee-for-hire to claim a lien against those goods for non-payment of fees for services.

Woodmen's Lien Act c.W-14

Gives a person who has provided labour or service in relation to logs or timber in Alberta a lien for the amount of any unpaid wages, subject to certain limitations.

Forms Regulation - AR 266/99

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