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Information Sheet: Application for Access to Motor Vehicle Data

The Government of Alberta regulates the release, maintenance, use, and disclosure of information collected for Traffic Safety Act (TSA) purposes.  The Access to Motor Vehicle Information Regulation (AMVIR) came into force on May 1, 2004.  You may view a copy of AMVIR by clicking here.

Applying for Access to Motor Vehicle Data

Under AMVIR, those who need access to personal driving and motor vehicle information maintained in the Office of the Registrar of Motor Vehicles Services (“Registrar”) must apply and may be approved to enter into an AMVIR Agreement with the Registrar.

Before you prepare your application package please:

  1. Read AMVIR, the AMVIR Policy, and the applicable AMVIR Registrar’s Decisions: Notifications (RDNs) on the AMVIR page of this website;
  2. Read the second page (general information) of the AMVIR Form A-002 - Recipient’s Information Form (RIF) - form REG3501 NEW May 13, 2015.
  3. Prepare a list of AMVIR purposes and motor vehicle information products for which you intend to apply. For information about the different information products you could consult the Registry Agent Product Catalogue or contact an Alberta registry agent.

To apply for an AMVIR Agreement for personal driving and motor vehicle information from the Alberta Motor Vehicles System (MOVES) please:

  1. Prepare a request letter on your company letterhead signed and dated by the Authorized Signing Officer (ASO) in which you provide the purpose of your application:
  • new AMVIR Application;
  • renewal of an existing AMVIR Agreement;
  • reinstatement of an old AMVIR file;
  • modifying the type of access under an existing AMVIR file (changed purposes or information products)
  • Note: The Authorized Signing Officer (ASO) is a senior officer in your organization that has privacy related resposibilities and who has the authority to bind your organization through an agreement.  For a law firm agreement the ASO must be a partner in the law firm.  For an individual lawyer agreement the ASO must be the lawyer.

    1. Complete and print the Application for Access to Motor Vehicle Data - form REG0145 (pdf) NEW May 13, 2015;
    2. Complete and print the AMVIR Form A-002 - Recipient’s Information Form (RIF) - form REG3501 (pdf)  NEW May 13, 2015;
    3. Verify that you have provided all the information required and that the forms and the request letter are dated and signed in original by the ASO;
    4. Mail the package to:

    Data Access and Contract Management Unit (DACMU)
    AMVIR Applications
    Service Alberta, Registry Services
    3rd Floor John E. Brownlee Building
    10365 - 97 Street
    Edmonton, AB T5J 3W7

    DACMU will review the application package and may contact you if additional information would be required.  Registrar's decisions related to an AMVIR application are communicated in writing.

    If your organization is approved for access, you will be sent an AMVIR Agreement to sign.  Once the Agreement is signed by both parties, you will be assigned a Personal Unique Access Number (PUAN) that will allow you to request MOVES information.

    The preferred release channel is through Alberta registry agents.  However, other release channels may be considered at Registrar’s discretion depending on the specific AMVIR purpose, the type of organization, and/or the information required.

    Additional Information for the Application Form:

    Legal Name of Business

    For a law firm, a corporation, or some other form of organization please provide the legal name of the organization.  For an individual lawyer agreement please provide the name of the lawyer followed by the name of the law firm.

    Type of Business

    In one or two words please indicate the type of services you are offering (e.g., Law Firm, Lawyer, Insurance Company, Insurance Brokerage, Trucking, etc).

    Name of Contact Person (CP)

    The Contact Person (CP) is a designated officer or employee in your organization that would be responsible for maintaining records and requesting information.  Also, the Registrar may contact the CP for different inquiries related to the AMVIR file.

    Section of the Regulation You Are Applying Under

    The Access to Motor Vehicle Information Regulation (AMVIR) includes a list of purposes for which motor vehicle information may be released.  For your information, the AMVIR purposes are listed as subsections of sections 2(1) and 5(1)(b) of AMVIR. You need to list the specific AMVIR subsections (e.g., 2(1)(p), 5(1)(b)(iii), etc) under which your organization is applying to receive personal driving and motor vehicle information.

    Information Required

    You need to list specific fields of personal driving or motor vehicle information or specific information products you would require.  Attach a separate sheet if you need more space.

    How the Information Will Be Used

    Please present in detail the information the Registrar would require to make a decision regarding your request.  Attach a separate sheet if you need more space.  Also, please ensure that your answer:

    (1)   is detailed and specific regarding the use of the information, and

    (2)   clearly shows how the intended use of the information is permitted by AMVIR.

    For information on the Access to Motor Vehicle Information Regulation or if you would require additional help in completing your application package you may contact Service Alberta at (780) 427-7013.


    Please be aware that processing your AMVIR application will be delayed if the application package is not sufficiently detailed, unreadable, or is missing information.