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Minister of Service Alberta

The Minister of Service Alberta is responsible for the province-wide administration of Alberta's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act and Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).

Role of the FOIP Strategic Services Branch

FOIP Strategic Services, Service Alberta coordinates the administration of Alberta's FOIP Act and provides support to the Government of Alberta and local public bodies that are required to comply with the Act. It also coordinates the province-wide administration of Alberta's PIPA Act and assists private sector organizations that are subject to the Act.

In carrying out its mandate, the unit provides publications and resource materials on its FOIP and PIPA websites, offers FOIP training and advisory services, and coordinates legislative amendments. It also promotes the legislation by supporting access and privacy education at the post-secondary level and an annual access and privacy conference, and by providing speakers at conferences and events.

Role of Related Offices

FOIP Strategic Services works in partnership with a number of other offices including:

Chief Information Officer (CIO) Council 

The Council provides leadership for the corporate management and use of information and information technology to maximize government investments and to facilitate innovation in government business and service delivery.

Records and Information Management Branch

The Branch coordinates the government-wide records and information management program and provides associated support services to ministries and affiliated government bodies.

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (external link)

The Commissioner has a broad mandate for ensuring that organizations comply with Alberta's access and privacy laws, specifically the FOIP Act, Health Information Act (HIA), and PIPA. The Commissioner also collaborates with stakeholders to educate the public, organizations and agencies subject to the legislation and responds to complaints from individuals.