Exhume a body

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Exhuming a body buried in Alberta.

You’ll need a Disinter/Reinter Permit to remove a dead or stillborn human body from its place of burial and reinter the body in the same site or a new location. A cemetery won’t open a grave site or remove a body without the permit.

You don’t need a Disinter/Reinter Permit to disinter a cremated body (cremains). When unsure if a body is cremated, a Disinter/Reinter Permit is needed.

Part of applying for the Disinter/Reinter Permit is providing a copy of a Medical Certificate of Death or Stillbirth (as is applicable). This document reflects the cause of death/stillbirth. When the cause of death or stillbirth is a communicable disease legislated in the Bodies of Deceased Persons Regulation, a Disinter/Reinter Permit may not be issued as some viruses and diseases stay active for years after the body was buried.

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