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The Alberta SuperNet was built to connect public institutions across the province – schools, hospitals, colleges, universities, libraries, and municipal offices – to a broadband network for high-speed Internet access, video conferencing, and other services. It’s a network of fibre cables and towers currently reaching 429 communities across Alberta.

As well, the SuperNet connects Alberta’s urban and rural communities. This bridges the traditional “digital divide,” which promotes both competitiveness and rural economic development.

SuperNet Today 

These are the current statistics for the SuperNet:

  • Serves 429 Alberta communities – 27 urban (2 major cities) and 402 rural

  • Encompasses over 12,000 km fibre-optic cable and 1,814 km wireless connections

  • Connects approximately 4,200 provincial and municipal service locations: 

Your Opinion Matters!

As the government continues to review the possibilities of the use, need, and potential innovations around broadband services in the province of Alberta, we have an opportunity to receive feedback from you, the citizens of Alberta.

Do you have an opinion on, or ideas for how broadband service delivery will impact the future of the province and its citizens over the next 5-10 years?

Please feel free to provide us with your ideas by email at