Exhume a body


Find out if you can apply for a Disinter/Reinter Permit to exhume a body.

People in the following ranks, in the following order of priority, may apply for a Disinter/Reinter Permit:

  1. a personal representative, executor or an administrator of the deceased's estate (a copy of the deceased's will, or similar document, identifying the applicant is required)  
  2. a spouse or adult interdependent partner (term that carries legal meanings similar to C/L but not the same) of the deceased who was living with the deceased at the time of death
  3. an adult child of the deceased
  4. a parent of the deceased
  5. a person who was, at the time of death, a guardian of the deceased (a copy of the guardianship order is required)
  6. an adult grandchild of the deceased
  7. an adult sibling of the deceased
  8. an adult child of the sibling of the deceased
  9. the Public Trustee for the deceased (a copy of the trusteeship documents is required)
  10. an adult person having an interest in the deceased (not based on blood ties or affinity)

All persons within a rank must agree to the proposed disinterment and reinterment. Contact Vital Statistics if you have any questions.

What’s important to know

  • if a person who has the right to apply for a Disinter/Reinter Permit is unwilling to act, their interest is waived.  
  • when a person within the highest eligible rank objects to the disinterment/reinterment of the deceased, a Disinter/Reinter Permit cannot be issued. A court order may be required, contact Vital Statistics for details.


Next-of-kin includes:

  • parent
  • sibling
  • children
  • spouse
  • adult interdependent partner

Next-of-kin doesn’t include:

  • in-laws
  • grandchildren
  • step relatives
  • children of the siblings

Persons who have adopted or who have placed their child for adoption are not “next-of-kin” to biological relations.

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