Audio-Visual Services

The Alberta Government Library's Audio-Visual Services provide access to career and workplace information for Albertans through an extensive video and DVD collection. The videos and DVDs are great resources to use for training, personal development and meetings. Resources may be borrowed by any worker or worksite in Alberta. A preview room is available in the library.

Browse audio-visual collection by topic:

  • Occupational Health and Safety
    This collection covers all aspects of workplace health and safety. Videos and DVDs can be used to enhance safety meetings or for specific safety training.

  • Human Resources and Careers
    This collection covers leadership, motivation, personal development and human resource management and change. Videos can be used at staff meetings, for training sessions or for personal enrichment.

  • Fire Protection
    This collection is ideal for fire training both in the home and on the job. Videos cover topics such as fire extinguisher training, evacuation procedures and fire prevention.

Created: 2005-08-11
Modified: 2014-04-02