Mineral Certificate

A Mineral Certificate is, in effect, a search of the historical title record to verify the proper ownership of the mines and minerals intended to be dealt with. It is only issued in conjunction with a disposition document that has been submitted to the Land Titles Office (i.e. a Transfer or Lease). Before any disposition of mines and minerals can be registered, Land Titles must conduct a mineral search and be able to issue a mineral certificate. Sec. 169(5) Land Titles Act. For applicable fee, see Land Titles Fees (pdf) section.

When Land Titles issues a mineral certificate based on a disposition, such as a lease that is not being registered with Land Titles at that time, the mineral certificate is attached to the said document prior to its return to the party requesting the certificate.

The time frame required for the issuance of a mineral certificate will vary dramatically. It is dependent on whether the minerals have been previously checked or not, how far back in time the search must go, how may times the title has been transferred and if the title has ever been split or subdivided. An asterisk (*) in front of the mineral statement on a title indicates a check has been done on that parcel.