Procurement Card

Procurement Card

The government Procurement Card (P-Card) enables government purchasers to directly and cost effectively acquire those goods and services that are required to sustain operations and meet program objectives. The card can also be used in payment for approved travel related expenses, seminars and conferences.

Procurement card services are currently provided by the Bank of Montreal who was selected as the card provider through a competitive process. There are no fees or other administrative charges levied by the Bank of Montreal in providing this service to Government of Alberta users.

Users of the card benefit from ease of use and a reduction in administrative costs. Merchants also benefit as they are paid directly by the Bank of Montreal within one to two days of the transaction date.

Based on the transaction data provided by the Bank of Montreal, it is clear that the procurement card is becoming the vehicle of choice in government departments to acquire low value goods.

For more information regarding the Government of Alberta's Procurement Card Program, please call:

Business Services, Business Operations
Alberta Procurement Card Administration Unit
Service Alberta
6th Floor, 7th Street Plaza
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Phone: 780-415-0473