Contract Awards

Contract Awards

The solicitation will specify if the award will be made to one or more suppliers.

Following completion of the evaluation of responses, Procurement Services will issue a contract to the successful supplier. Unsuccessful suppliers will be debriefed by Procurement Services, upon request.

Contracts are binding legal agreements between the Government of Alberta and the supplier. Goods and services must be supplied as specified in the contract. Changes to any contract issued by the Procurement Section are invalid unless authorized by the Procurement Section prior to the goods and/or services being delivered. Any change to a contract will be made by a contract amendment issued by the Procurement Section.

Suppliers should not supply goods or services to Government of Alberta departments, unless an order number is provided or the Government's Procurement Card is used for the purchase.

Contract Award Information

The name of the successful supplier, award date, and the contracted prices are available on the Alberta Purchasing Connection following the contract award to the successful supplier.