Preparing Responses

Suppliers must adhere to all terms and conditions which are incorporated into each solicitation document. The Procurement Section's standard terms and conditions incorporated into all Request for Quotes (RFQ) and Request for Proposal (RFP) are posted on Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC). The solicitation document and contract represent the binding legal obligations of the supplier and the Government of Alberta.

The use of manufacturers' names or models to describe an item in a solicitation document is not intended to be restrictive, unless otherwise stated. It is intended to indicate the character, quality, or measured properties and performance of the item. If a supplier proposes an alternative item to that specified in the solicitation document, this must be clearly indicated in the supplier's response. In addition, manufacturers' specification sheets and literature must be provided by the supplier to validate that the alternative meets or exceeds the specifications. A formal demonstration of products and/or samples for test and evaluation purposes may be requested by Procurement Services.

Suppliers' pricing, less the GST/HST and applicable discounts, must include all costs to complete delivery of the goods to the destination stated in the solicitation document, unless otherwise stated.  The supplier is responsible for the goods in transit.