Public Tenders

Certain types of equipment, due to size, location or specialized nature, are sold through public tenders. This includes buildings, park equipment, building materials/equipment and specialized equipment. Advertisements are placed in local newspapers as to location, viewing, contact persons, and closing dates. This information and any special conditions are also provided on Invitation to Bid forms. The forms are mailed to individuals or organizations that have expressed an interest in the type of material. Notices of these sales and bid forms are available at the Calgary and Edmonton sales outlets.

Invitation to Bid forms must be received at the appropriate Surplus Sales office by the closing date for the bid to be considered. Public bid openings take place at the sales outlets and the successful bidders are contacted by telephone.

Payment Terms for Public Tenders

Payment must be made either by cash, money order or cheque. Certified cheques or money orders are required for purchases exceeding $200.00 Canadian. Cheques and money orders are payable to the Provincial Treasurer. All purchases must be paid for in full before removal from the premises.