Dissolve a Legal Entity

Dissolve a Legal Entity

The same form (Articles of Dissolution Form) may be used to voluntarily dissolve an Alberta corporation and society.

If an extra-provincial corporation has ceased operation in the home jurisdiction, or no longer wishes to carry on business in Alberta, the corporation cancels its extra-provincial registration by submitting a letter from an authorized representative of that extra-provincial corporation.

All business name registrations may be cancelled with notice to the Registrar.

To dissolve an Alberta corporation, or cancel an extra-provincial corporation's registration in Alberta, or to cease the registration of a business name, you must submit the request to an authorized service provider.

To dissolve a society or a non-profit company, a request must be submitted in writing to the Corporate Registry office.

Note: Only a person with an interest in the corporation, society, or non-profit company may revive it. An interested person is someone with monetary or legal rights which have been somehow affected by the dissolution of the corporation, society, or non-profit company, e.g. a director, shareholder, or creditor, or someone with an existing relationship to the corporation, society or non profit company during the period it was active.