Request for a Home Birth Package

Home Birth Information for Registering a Birth

When a registered midwife or physician is not involved with the birth of a child that is born at home, the following outlines the process required to register a child’s birth in Alberta.

After the child is born, the parents must request a home birth package from Vital Statistics. The parents may either 

Once the Request for a Home Birth Package is received/printed by the parents, 

  • The parents must complete and sign the Request for a Home Birth Package form. 
  • Mail or fax the Request for a Home Birth Package form to Vital Statistics using the contact information at the bottom of the form.

Vital Statistics will send the parents the two birth forms for completion and the instructions for proof of birth that must be submitted with the forms. 

  • The Registration of Birth form must be completed by the birth mother. 
  • If a father/co-parent is to be included on the child’s birth record, he/she must also sign the Registration of Birth form. If the father/co-parent does not sign the Registration of Birth, he/she cannot be recorded. A father/co-parent may be added later with an amendment.
  • The person who helps the mother with the delivery must complete and sign the Notice of a Live Birth form. 
  • Evidence of the child’s birth is required. The easiest and most common form of acceptable evidence is a letter from a hospital/medical facility visited within 24 hours of the child’s birth. The letter must be on hospital/medical facility letterhead and contain the following information. 
    • Mother's full legal name 
    • Child's name (if known by the facility)  
    • Child's sex  
    • Child's date of birth 
    • Child's place of birth 
    • State that the mother gave birth to the child 
    • Name of the physician or nurse who examined the mother and child 
    • Name and contact information of the person who wrote the letter 
    • Signature of the hospital administrator, physician, or nurse.
  • When the mother and child are not examined at a hospital/medical facility within 24 hours of the birth, affidavits and evidence of other criteria is required.

Submitting the Forms

  • The parents send the birth forms and supporting evidence to the Vital Statistics office within 10 days of the birth using the pre-addressed postage paid envelope provided in the home birth package. 
  • On receipt of the forms, Vital Statistics will register the child’s birth.

For additional information regarding registering a newborn birth, see Registering a Birth.