Visitors, Students and Temporary Foreign Workers

Visitors, Students and Temporary Foreign Workers in Alberta

To hold an Alberta licence, you must be a permanent legal resident of Canada and an Alberta resident. Please see Identification and Residency Requirements for details. 

Visitors to Alberta

If you are visiting Alberta from outside the country, you must have your valid home jurisdiction drivers licence and an International Drivers Permit to drive on Alberta roads. You may drive in Alberta up to 1 year.

If you are visiting Alberta from another province, you may drive using your home jurisdiction licence. 

Temporary Foreign Workers in the Agricultural Industry

Temporary foreign workers are often brought into Alberta to meet labour needs during peak periods. These workers participate in either the Government of Canada’s Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP) or the pilot project for Occupations Requiring Lower Levels of Formal Training.
These workers are eligible to work for a maximum of 8 months between the periods of January 1 and December 15. They do NOT qualify as Alberta residents and cannot be issued Alberta driver's licences or identification cards. These individuals are authorized to drive during their work term on their home jurisdiction driver's licences. They are required to carry:

  • Original copy of their work permit/visa
  • Valid home jurisdiction driver's licence
  • International Driver's Permit which translates the information contained on their driver's licence  

Temporary Foreign Workers on Standard Work Permits 

This does not include individuals whose work permit states "Does Not Confer Temporary Resident Status". 

These workers have been issued a work permit for a specified term by Canada Immigration and must leave Canada after their term is over. These clients may choose to exchange their valid out of Country drivers licence for an Alberta class 5 or class 5-GDL drivers licence. The term of the drivers licence will be as close to the term of the work permit as possible. For more information on the requirements to exchange your home jurisdiction drivers licence for an Alberta licence, please see the New Canadian and Alberta Residents page in this section.

Canadians Working Temporarily in Alberta

If your residence is in another Canadian jurisdiction and you are working in Alberta, you may continue to drive on your home jurisdiction licence. Please see the vehicle registration section for vehicle requirements.