Time Share and Points-Based Contracts Business Licence

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Time Share Business means the activity of offering, soliciting, negotiating or concluding time share contracts or points based contracts. These contracts will provide consumers with rights or options to use, occupy or possess a time share property or a right or option to exchange points for the right to use, occupy or possess a time share property, whether located in Alberta or not.


The offering, soliciting, negotiating or concluding of time share contracts or points based contracts by an industry member as defined in the Real Estate Act who is acting in the course of a profession or calling to which that Act applies.

Licensing Requirements

Note: Failure to provide complete information will delay processing of your application and may result in a refund of your fees and closure of your file.

To get a licence as a Time Share and Points-Based Contracts business you must provide the following:

  • Completed application  form

    • Classes of Licence must be indicated in question 9. You will only be licensed for the classes applied for and appearing on your licence. These classes are:

      • Right to Use Licence

      • Personal Property Ownership Licence

      • Real Property Ownership Licence

  • Completed Statutory Declaration for licensees who use independent contractors

  • Original, signed security in the required amount *. You may get this security in one of two ways:

    • General Surety Bond

    • Cash Security Agreement accompanied by:

      • An Irrevocable Letter of Credit, or

      • Cash (including payment by bank draft, money order, certified cheque – all of these are payable to the Government of Alberta), or

      • A term deposit or other similar instrument in the name of the Government of Alberta, c/o Service Alberta, 3rd Floor, 10155 102 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 4L4, in trust for (name of licensee)

* Note: In accordance with the Security agreement, the security provided will be held for two (2) years after the agreement expires or for two years and three months (27 months) from the date the business licence expires or the business closes or longer in the event of a claim being received.

The amount of security depends on type of goods or services provided. Please contact the licensing office to find out how much security you need to provide. When setting the security amount, the Director can consider the following: the department’s previous history with the business and its partners or directors, the business’s financial history, and criminal convictions.

  • Completed Trust Account Information form (Note: trust money must be deposited in a financial institution that is registered in and is actively operating in Alberta or an approved Canadian financial institution outside of Alberta)for licensees whose time share contract or points-based contracts provide a consumer with a time share interest.

  • A licensing fee of $200 for a one-year term.
Note: Your cheque should be made payable to the Government of Alberta. If you are applying in person, you can also pay this fee using Debit, Visa, MasterCard, or cash. Licences take effect the date they are issued. It is your responsibility to ensure your licence is in force as long as you continue to do business as defined for this type of licence. Once your licence is issued please make note of the expiry date and ensure your licence is renewed prior to this date. Licence holders must notify Service Alberta in writing if their business licence address changes.
  • A copy of the business’ standard time share and/or points-based contract(s)

General Information

  • Licensees should pay particular attention to the following sections of the Time Share and Points-Based Contracts and Business Regulation:

    • Section 2 – Contents of contracts

    • Section 9 – Funds to be held in trust

    • Section 11 – Records

    • Section 21 – Unfair practices

Time Share/Points-Based Contract Requirements

Written contracts will be required. The contracts must include the following information:

  • The consumer’s name and address

  • The supplier’s name, business address, telephone number and where applicable, fax number and e-mail address

  • The name and position of any agent or employee representing the supplier

  • The date and place where the contract is concluded

  • In the case of a time share contract:

    • a description of the property, including its legal description and precise location

    • a full description of the interest being purchased

  • In the case of a points-based contract:
    • an explanation of the options to exchange points

    • a full description of the interest being purchased

  • Where financial conditions must be met before the consumer may exercise a right under the contract, a description of those conditions

  • An itemized statement of:

    • the total cost of the interest being purchased

    • the number of points purchased, where applicable **

    • any closing costs payable by the consumer

    • any expense, fee, levy, assessment or cost to which the consumer is or may become subject, where applicable ***

  • A statement as to whether the number of points purchased (**) or any expense, fee, levy, assessment or cost (***) is subject to change in the future and an explanation of how and when it may change, where applicable

  • Where credit is extended, a statement of any security taken for payment, and the disclosure statement required under the Consumer Protection Act

  • The terms of payment

  • Unless the third party’s interest and any financial encumbrance associated with it are the subjects of a non disturbance clause, provisions warranting:

    • that the time share property and any other property or facility is not subject to any financial encumbrances of a third party

    • that the supplier will not mortgage the property or facility, pledge it as security or lease or otherwise grant any interest in it to a third party, other than a time share interest

    • that the supplier will discharge any financial encumbrance or lease registered by a third party as soon as reasonably possible

  • Full particulars of the time share plan under which the contract is made, or in which the consumer is to be a participant

  • statement of cancellation rights that conforms with the requirements set out in the regulations and must:
    • contain the words set out in the Schedule

    • show the statement of 10-day cancellation rights in not less than 12 point bold type
Note: Where this notice is not printed directly on the face of the contract there is to be a notice printed directly on the face of the contract in not less than 12 point bold type, indicating where in the contract the statement is printed.
  • The signatures of the consumer and supplier or supplier’s agent with the name of each signatory printed legibly beside or below the signature

Note: Refer to the Time Share and Points-Based Contracts and Business Regulation for a full list of contract requirements


Consumer Protection Act 

Time Share and Points-Based Contracts and Business Regulation 

Copies of legislation can be obtained from the Queen’s Printer Bookstore at:

Park Plaza, 5th Floor
10611-98 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta   T5K 2P7
Telephone: 780-427-4952

To call a Government of Alberta office toll free (in Alberta), dial 310-0000 and follow the instructions.


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