Identification and Residency Requirements

Identification Requirements

When you apply for a motor vehicle service, your registry agent must verify your identity through a strict identity confirmation process.

A registry agent will require information to satisfy the following three categories. Expired documents will not be accepted. At least one of these documents must also prove that you are legally permitted to be in Canada.

Who You Are

Photo documents must contain your legal name and date of birth. Some examples of primary photo identification are (this is not an all inclusive list):

  • Alberta operator's licence or identification card 
  • Photo driver's licence (from another jurisdiction)
  • Valid Canadian Passport
  • NEXUS Card
  • Canadian Armed Forces Identification Card
  • Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS) Card (Federally issued)
  • Municipal, Provincial or Federal Police Force Identification.
  • Valid foreign Passport with appropriate Immigration documents
  • Permanent Resident Card.
  • Métis Nations of Alberta Card (new version).
    - Métis ID number is displayed on the face of the card.
    - The card contains water mark features.

What You Have*T

Support documents that contain two data elements such as name, date of birth, signature, address, etc. At least one of these documents must show that you live in Alberta and have a residence here. Some examples of support documents are (this is not an all inclusive list):  

  • Birth or Marriage Certificate (original or certified)
  • Utility statements, such as cable, telephone, gas, electricity
  • Work Visa, Student Visa, Permanent Resident Card
  • Canada Citizenship Certificate (issued after February 1, 2012)
  • Income tax receipts
  • Property tax bill
  • Insurance policy documents (life, auto, residential, etc.)
  • Government assistance document(s) (e.g. Income Support document.cheque, etc)

* You may also use another piece of acceptable photo identification as outlined above in lieu of these support documents.
T To comply with The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard ("PCI-DSS") the Government of Alberta will no longer be collecting or recording bank card or credit card information; therefore these documents have been removed from the acceptable support document list.

Some examples of unacceptable support documents are (this is not an all inclusive list):

  • Interim/temporary driver's licence
  • Business cards
  • Video membership cards
  • Library card
  • Cheque cashing card

What You Know

Verification of personal information against the Motor Vehicles System; your address, postal code, previous address, vehicle registrations, telephone number, etc. If you are applying for an Alberta drivers licence or identification card for the first time, you may be asked to present an additional support document as outlined above.

All documents presented must be originals or certified copies (for vital statistics documents). Photocopies will NOT be accepted. 

Residency Requirements

In order to obtain an Alberta driver’s licence or identification card, you must provide proof that you are lawfully entitled to reside in Canada (i.e. Canadian birth certificate, Permanent Resident Card, Citizenship Card, Canadian Passport) and proof that you are an Alberta resident (i.e. utility bills or other statements mailed to your Alberta address). Printouts or statements obtained electronically that do not directly link you to a physical address (unlike utility bills or land line telephone bills) are not acceptable as they do not prove that you are actually a resident at that physical address. The documents must contain your full name, address and have an issue date of less than than 90 days to ensure the information is reasonably current. A registry agent cannot issue you a driver’s licence or identification card unless they are fully satisfied that you are a legal resident of both Canada and Alberta.

Please note that it is a criminal offence to provide false information on a driver’s licence or identification card application. Alberta can cancel a driver’s licence or identification card if it is determined that the application contained misrepresentation, false information or inaccuracies:

  • If you are licenced in another Canadian Province and have taken up residency in Alberta, you must exchange your other jurisdiction driver's licence for an Alberta driver’s licence within 90 days of moving to the province, regardless of whether you travel outside Alberta during those 90 days 
  • If you are licenced in another Canadian Province and working in or visiting Alberta and have your residence in another province, you may continue to use your valid licence from your home province provided you do not take up residency in Alberta 
  • If you are licenced in another Canadian Province and staying in Alberta as a full time student or you are working here as part of a co-op program of study, you may use your valid driver’s licence from your home province 
  • If you are from outside Canada please see the section titled Visitors, Students & Temporary Foreign Workers