Cemeteries Act

How it works


Cemetery means land that is set apart or used as a place for the burial of dead human bodies or other human remains or in which dead human bodies or other human remains are buried.

The owner for a new cemetery must be a religious organization or a municipality.

Registration Requirements 

The following are the requirements for registering a new cemetery or expanding an existing cemetery site:

  • Application for Provisional Approval of Cemetery form (pdf) (Note: Religious groups must be registered with Corporate Registry; call 780-427-2311.)

  • Sketch plan of the proposed site which shows:  

    • Legal description of the quarter section

    • The general slope of the land

    • All buildings used for human habitation and all domestic water supplies within 150 metres of the site

    • Cemetery boundaries must be marked and measurements indicated

    • Placement of the cemetery within the quarter section showing the distance between a reference point and the cemetery boundaries

  • Local regional health authority (pdf) recommendation or comments (this can be provided on the enclosed form or a letter of approval will be accepted)

  • Subdivision approval for the land to be used as a cemetery (this approval is called an "Approved Subdivision" application; each subdivision authority has their own format)

When the above information is received and processed, a Provisional Certificate of Approval is issued. The Provisional Certificate is issued as our approval for the land to be established as a cemetery site. This certificate is issued for a one-year period but does not permit the use of the land for burials.

The Provisional Certificate of Approval is to be presented to Land Titles (along with any other required documents) for the owner of the cemetery to obtain clear and separate title of the actual cemetery site. This title must be free and clear of any liens and/or encumbrances.

Once the owner has obtained title to the site, a copy is to be forwarded to our office for review. If the proposed cemetery is described by a plan number on the title, a copy of the registered plan must also be submitted. If the title is in order, a Final Certificate of Approval will be issued. The Final Certificate of Approval permits burials to take place on the site.


Cemeteries Act

General Regulation

Copies of legislation can be obtained from the Queen’s Printer Bookstore at:

Park Plaza, 5 floor
10611-98 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2P7
Telephone: 780-427-4952

To call a Government of Alberta office toll free (in Alberta), dial 310-0000 and follow the instructions.

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