Procurement Services

Procurement Services

Corporate Purchasing Section

Procurement Services provides centralized purchasing of goods and associated services. The central procurement services of Procurement Services are provided by its Corporate Purchasing Section and Contracted Services Section. Corporate Purchasing acquires goods over $10,000 required by government departments and establishes Standing Offers for common requirements. The Contracted Services Section acquires systems development and information technology outsourcing services.

Acquisition Services Purchasing Unit

The Acquisition Services Purchasing unit complements existing ministry operations by facilitating and expediting the purchasing process for goods under $10,000 in value.  The section provides shared support for various Ministries in purchasing, ensuring that requirements for goods and services are met though an open and fair process. 

ICT Corporate Agreements Section

ICT Corporate Agreements Section manages a number of ICT-related corporate software and service agreements and provides licensing, service contracts and advisory consultation to participating ministries, boards, and agencies as well as extended stakeholders.

Trade and Vendor Development Service Area

The Trade and Vendor Development service area within Procurement Services directly influences public sector procurement activity through the provision of strategic trade governance for the Alberta Government and MASH Sector (including municipalities, school boards, publicly funded academic institutions and social service entities).  Key areas in Trade and Vendor Development are Trade Development, Centre of Expertise, Analytical Unit, Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC) and Alberta Procurement Card Administration (APCA).

Surplus Sales

Surplus Sales, through its outlets in Calgary and Edmonton, is responsible for the disposal of assets that are surplus to the needs of all Alberta government departments and agencies. The objective of Surplus Sales is to market surplus assets to the public and earn the best financial return possible for the government. Surplus assets are generally sold by public auction, tender or cash & carry sales.